Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden Update...And HELP...

Overall my garden is thriving and I'm getting antsy for some produce!
I know I have another 60+ days to wait...
This is my strawberries where I cringe at picking off each and every blossom.
Whoever made the rule you don't get strawberries the first year is MEAN!!!
Beside it is my tomatoes which are doing quite well. We lost 2 of the 8 plants very early thanks to cut worm. We're hoping we got those under control and don't lose any more!
Here we have peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers,
lettuce, and cabbage (what's left)

Zucchini -- note we ended up having 3 of our 15 plants come up!! (HEY we're learning, we now KNOW 15 was ALOT. We also know not to plant them very deep!!!!).
Anyway we also have potatoes, corn, and sunflowers in this pic.

And a solo pic of my favorite potato plant.
It looks so nice and lush!!!
Okay Now the PROBLEM!!!!
(Yes I'm yelling (a little frustrated...)
Why in the stink is this HAPPENING?????
They're beautiful and next thing I know they're shriveling up and DYING....

It's happened to all but 2 of the cabbage and in the next row its happened to 2 of the broccoli.
I looked it up and all they talk about is "Damping-off" a fungal disease. But it always says that it happens to little seedlings and once they're a few weeks old the stem is strong enough to with stand the fungus. Well it's happening to pretty BIG PLANTS... NOT SEEDLINGS!!!
Sorry I'll stop yelling... Deep breath...
Thank-you very much for any help you can provide.
But if it happens again I'm gonna start yelling!!!


Anonymous said...

No helpful advise for your garden - sorry - but overall it looks beautiful! I just planted my first one this year but I kept it simple - corn, beans, romaine and tomatoes. I have not checked on it in a few days - been to afraid I guess!

carolyn said...

take a sample of your dirt to the garden shop. They should be able to test it. It looks like something from the soil causing this. It doesn't look like it's bugs ( from what I can see in the pictures). Good Luck. Let us know.
Carolyn cncsmith2@yahoo.com

Megan said...

No I forgot that part, there are no bug bites or anything on the leaves.

Thanks Carolyn for the idea I never knew they tested!

Staci said...

HI. You follow my blog so you know I grow a big garden in Ut. We don't grow broccoli and cauliflower because they are hard to grow. I love the book Joy of Gardening by Dick Raymond. He has tips for problems and that is a great resource for you to start. Check and see if your library carries it or buy in on Amazon. I LOVE that book. I blogged about that book. See my archive posts on that gardening book if you wish. Take care! Good luck


Susan said...

You have such a lovely big garden! I don't have any advice for your cabbage sorry. I grew cabbage last year but never have I seen this. Hope you find out soon what it is though.

Danielle said...

Sorry no advise from me either...I would agree with maybe a soil test first....I agree with the strawberry comment you made....and then I giggled through the rest of your post...not giggling at your frustration of course just the cute comical way you wrote it!!! Looks like a great garden overall..

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Love your HUGE garden space! Trying not to covet (but whose kidding, I really am!)...
I don't know what to tell you about the broccoli. I didn't cut mine soon enough and ended up planting okra in its place.

Blessings on your garden and your harvest!



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