Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

Great week!!! ....Total for all this...
$36.58 oop (105 items)
I hardly believed that total myself,
But I did use $15. in Catalina's...
That makes it a little more believable!!!!
Let me explain!!
Spent $13.26 at Kroger for 34 items (71% savings)
(10 of those are KoolAid Packets)
Spent $15.78 at Aldi for 28 items (haven't been to Aldi's in a long time. Best place I've found for tomato sauce (.25) and canned mushrooms (.50) !)
Spent $6.35 at Meijer for 29 items (used a $3. and $2. Cat.)
That's the crazy total, but after catalina's it's for real!!
And $1.19 at Walgreen's for 14 items (used my free $10. RR from last week)
All together that's $36.58 oop (+ $10. in RR and $5. Cat.) for 105 items
or .35 cents per item!!!!
(10 kool aid pks and 21 cans tomato sauce helped this total look really good)
without that it's still under .50 cents per item!!!
I also bought 3 gallon milk at CVS but it only cost me $1. Since I used the $5. overage from the Contour monitor deal this week!
You don't see any meat in my groc. pics. because we get all that at our local butcher. So each week I'm under budget I go there and use the extra on meat. I normally have around $6.-$10. of our $55. budget to spend there. That easily feeds us several meals of meat each week. Then there are other weeks like this one that I have more like $20. to spend and I can stock up a little for weeks that arn't so good!!!
I also didn't buy much produce this week since I still had apples and lettuce in the fridge.
Have a question??? Don't feel bad, just ask!!!


Danielle said...

GREAT JOB!!!! Doesn't it feel so good to make that dollar stetch so far!!!! Especially when you factor in all that cleaning stuff!!!! LOVE IT!!! You could spend that other modly money on some fun garage sale's a thought right??

Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

That is just fantastic!! I am trying to do that myself, but having the hardest time finding the time and everything to get organized! Plus hard to tote around twins and a 5 Y/O to stores.

Megan said...

Mrs Fish, Hang in there, It gets easier and faster as you do it more. unfortunately I'm sure taking twins and 5 yr old will only get easier with age!!!

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I bet you felt like skipping out of the stores - what a good week - makes up for some of the not so good ones for sure! said...

Awesome deals! I love seeing my savings add up too! It's become my goal to save as much as possible.

Tosha said...

Awesome Week! My pics lack meat and produce half the time too. I buy bits here and there when they are cheapest and stock up when they are on great mark down/sale. Usually every two weeks we stock up on one or the other.

Megan said...

Megan, just when I think you can't do any better, you pull off a week like this! Great Job!


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