Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Update!!!

Well it's GROWING!!!
Thanks to all the rain we've gotten we have only had to water 2 times (early on)! I'm sure that will change soon as the temps soar high and the rain stops for July and August. At least that's how it normally works around here!

I can't hardly believe how much I'm loving this gardening thing. I love to just be out there. Pulling weeks, looking at the plants, putting up rope. EVERYTHING!
I have so many plans for next year's garden! I know don't get the cart in front of the horse. Let's see if I even get to harvest any of this produce or if I'm just growing a big buffet for the animals!!
I'm most surprised by the fact that I really don't mind weeding! I try to get out there 30 minutes a day and so far we're pretty weedless! I think my sandy soil might help that???

My tomatoes are already getting big. I can find at least 20 tomatoes starting already. Hubby thinks we'll get upwards of 50-100 tomatoes from our 6 plants!!! WOW do you know how much that would cost in the store... YIKES!!!

My lone broccoli hanging in there. Somethings been dining on it's leaves. GRRR

My wonderful SIL discovered that we planted pole beans, which I guess means they climb... HUH, DUH we didn't know what we bought!!! So my smart Hubby got some fence and made an awesome climbing area for them. I think the love it cuz they're climbing all over it!

Did you know Cucumbers climb too??? Yea we didn't!!! So hubby made one for them too and yep they love it! Look at them climb!
Okay so no Big questions this time! How's your garden doing??
Leave your link in the comments, I'd love to take a peek!


Algebra Teacher said...

You'll be so happy that those beans were climbers instead of bush beans when you start picking them. It is much easier to pick the beans from climbing vines that rolling around all over the bush. Saves your back and legs.

Alea said...

Your garden is beautiful! I like the fences that your husband made. How did he make them?

I love playing in the dirt, even if it is just pulling weeds. That is the real reason I garden; the fresh, organic produce is just a side benefit of my "play time". Here is a link to my last garden update:


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