Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

We love Swimming!!!
And we've been doing lots of it lately!
My just turned 3yr. old swims around all by himself like
he's been doing it for years!!
I call him my little fish!
Micah doing... well we're not sure most of the time!!
Check out how long Halee's arms look!
It must be some kind of optical illusion ...
At least I don't think her arms are that long!!!
I'm on a roll with great camera work!
Chi wanted me to take a picture of him doing a somer sault.
This is how it turned out!!!
Too Funny!
Finally the pool is warm enough to get in.
I officially got in for the first time last weekend!
And we've been in every day since~
I'm hopeful that we will be able to swim through September so we can still have our 3 month swimming season, but I doubt it. I think its just been a very cool June.
I guess we'll take what we can get!
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Sarah said...

Very Nice. I would love a pool too... Anyone?

Thanks for linking! =)

Shelly said...

Wow, that water looks awesome! Beautiful photos! We are going swimming this afternoon.

grandma for jesus said...


grandma for jesus said...

Loved the picture of Shadrach, He looks like he really loves the water. Glad to see Micah in the pool and really enjoying it., Wow Halee's arms do look long Tell Chi great sumersault. Enjoy the warm weather.


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