Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

Another week Another Grocery Trip!
Total here was
Spent $27.81 at Meijer for 55 items (20 kool aid pkts) saved $59.88
Spent $22.99 at Kroger for 24 items saved $21.69
Total $50.80 for 79 items or .63 cents each (once again 20 kool aid packets helped that number) .81 cents per item without the kool aid.
I really have no idea what to do with all the kool aid packets I've been getting free???? We don't drink much kool aid and even if I started making a container a week we'd have enough for looonnnnnggggg time!
Any ideas for other recipes or uses for kool aid packets????
I could make play doh... any other ideas??
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Dan River Mama said...

You could dye your hair...

Just kidding, but I do recall a few years ago, a lot of school kids were doing just that. They looked really odd, but the school bus smelled like Skittles LOL

Megan said...

My daughter would probably love that!!!!!LOL

carrie said...

use them as a special treat to make homemade popsicles or shaved ice like snow cones.....freeze it in ice cube trays or popsicle trays...for the snow cones freeze it on a cookie sheet and then scrape it into shavings with a and easy treat that is different!

Megan said...

I like the snow cone shaved ice idea.

I wondered about using the blender and making slushies. I love those. Do you think I'd just make the koolaid and then add ice and blend it up.

I might try that this afternoon. sounds soooo good!

andrea v said...

I remember seeing a recipe for play dough using kool-aid packets

K_dubzzz said...

You could try to make your own scratch and sniff stickers. I know you can do this with Jello but seems like you could with koolaid as well. Just spread a thin layer of glue on some paper, then sprinkle on the Jello (koolaid) let dry. Rub gently and you have your own scratch and sniffs.

Makes me miss the 80s when we always had scratch and sniff everything!

Lisa said...

Great job! That is a lot of stuff for little $

Lisa said...

I am right there with you, only with 30 packs! I made a pitcher the other night and thought it would be a nice treat for my daughter she didn't like it! I am hoping my husband and I can drink it and help cut back on the soda expense!

Milehimama said...

You could make ice cubes, stick a toothpick in it, and then paint with the cubes.

Lemonade ones are good for running through the dishwasher to clean it every few months.

Brianschef said...

For every 2 cups of buttercream or white frosting add one unsweetened package of look aid. Great frosting for kids..

Or you can use the for dying clothes(icky thought that we drink this stuff isn't it?!?!)but I digress. Here's the recipe:

Kool-Aid Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Unsweetened Kool-Aid
Small plastic bowls
Plastic gloves
Rubber bands

NOTE: Use different flavors/colors of Kool-Aid.

For every color you wish to use, put 1 package Kool-Aid and 1 ounce of vinegar in individual plastic bowls. Mix until Kool-Aid is dissolved. Using rubber bands, pull and twist T-shirt into different shapes. Dip rubber-banded ends in bowls (make sure you wear gloves or your hands will stain). To set colors, iron on medium-high using an ironing cloth between shirt and iron. Let set for 24 hours before washing. To be safe. wash separately the first time. Launder T-shirt as usual and it's ready to wear.

NOTE: Don't put softener on the T-shirt if you pre-wash it as the dye will not take.

Lisa said...

Your shopping trips are amazing!!!! I've only seen the last two or so. Do you all eat meat? I didn't know if that is included in your budget or if you buy in bulk & stock up like we do or maybe if you all were not meat eaters? Also, could you donate koolaid packets? (Maybe the local Boys & Girls Club - or a local Church that is having Bible School, our Church is always looking for donated snacks during Bible School week - just an idea.)

Anonymous said...

You can make Home made gatorade with it.
1 pk unsweetend kool-aid (any flavor)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 orange juice (I have been using whatever juice I have on had since it is such a small amount)
1/2 tsp salt (I thought it was to salty so I use 1/4 tsp.)
2 quarts water

You could also save them and hand out to trick or treaters.

Taste great and the kids drink the 2 qts in 1 day. Lots better than soda.

amy said...

donate them to a salvation army day camp the kids will love it!!

Megan said...

Great Ideas everyone! I never would have thought of most of those ideas. Yes donating some of them would be great!


Yes we eat meat. I buy all my meat from my local butcher. I usually try to mention it in my posts.

I try to keep my budget to around $45.-$50. or so that way I have around $5.-$10. to spend on meat. A few weeks ago I had more like $20left so we stocked up a bit. We also did buy 50# of hamburger from them a few months ago. So I just have to buy chicken, porkchops, ribs, or what ever we want to try that week. They have amazing prices so it works well for us!!


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