Thursday, November 12, 2009

QOTW... Favorite Holiday???

With the Holiday's coming up
I can't help but wonder
What's you favorite Holiday???

Mine is Christmas...
I love everything about it.
Celebrating our Savior's Birthday,
The Baking and Cookie Decorating,
The Shopping (of course!!),
The Snowfalls,
The Special Family Time!
Thanksgiving or Easter would be a close 2nd

So how about you!?!?!?!?


Susan said...

My fav is Christmas also! Yes, celebrating our saviors birthday. It is funny how so many people forget this and get so wrapped up in santa claus and gifts ect.

Genesa said...

Easter! It means the most to me because of what Jesus did for me. The fact that he loved me so much to die such a horrible death, just so I could spend eternity with him. AMAZING!

.j.e.n.p.c. said...

Well, mine used to be thanksgiving - loved getting together with the whole family and sharing great food! ...But... Every year I'm stuck working now (My boss has no spot in her heart for family time I suppose) ...So now Christmas is my favorite. I don't get together with the whole family, just mom dad and brother, but it's still wonderful.

LaToya said...

Christmas and Easter are neck and neck. I think because they are interrelated. My oldest really LOVES Christmas and hearing the story of Jesus being born. Both are big deals in my family. I just can't choose.

Ann said...

I agree I love Christmas. I love the giving of gifts and celebrating Jesus birth.


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