Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walgreens $6.21 Trip!!!!

Does this look like $6.21 to you?!?!?!

Be sure to get to Walgreens this week!!!!

I did 4 transactions.

1st trans...
Buy 1 Contour Monitor for $14.99
and 1 Filler (I used salt for .50)
-use meter coupon (up to $30.) from 10/25 RedPlum
BoldPay .50 cents and
get a $5. RR back
(you might not need the filler, I just don't like
my total to be 0)

2nd trans
Do this exact same trans. again.
The Meter coupons are from 10/25 RedPlum
Now you should have 2-$5. RR and you've paid
aprox. $1.00

3rd trans.
(if you need cold medicine)
buy 3 Tylenol cold
and 1 Sudafed PE
See MSM's Deal Idea here complete
with coupon links for the meds
I Used the 2-$5. RR that I earned in the first 2 trans.
to use the RR you will need 2 fillers (I used pudding)
This trans. cost me
You should get a $10. RR back from this trans.

4th Trans.
Just buy whatever you need...
pudding 4/$1. , Spices 2/$1.,
and Kleenex big 200 ct. boxes @ $1.09 (use .50/3 MQ)
are few good deals I see!!

pay with the $10. RR
My total was $1.00

All Totaled I spent
$6.21 for everything in picture!!!
I know I've let a lot of deals at Walgreens slip by
me lately, but this felt like old times!!!

When shopping at Walgreens remember these hints
1. a RR counts as a MQ -- you can't have more MQ than
you have products. This is why a filler is sometimes needed

2. Be sure to use the 7 day coupons.
These are the coupons found in the weekly flyer.

3. You can stack MQ, 7 day, and Walgreens Monthly coupons

4. If you can, always give the MQ first.

5. I always check out at the cosmetics counter when I have multiple transactions. I feel less rushed there, I'm not holding up the line, and they're always sooo helpful!


Steph said...

The cosmetic counter is my first pick as well. I was behind a couponer once and every one behind me was complaining... then it was my turn... your should have heard the groans;-)

Megan said...

Walgreens had some great deals this week. Great job!

I too always check out at the cosmetics counter.


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