Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Groceries

If you missed my Walgreens Trip, see it here!
I got lots for only $6.21

This picture however cost me
around $50. (not sure that's real great!!)

I spent $15. at Meijer and
$35. at Aldi
Also spent aprox. $6. for Milk

I am planning on taking December off from grocery shopping!
So I'm trying to think of everything I need to stock
up on in the next few weeks in order to realistically take
the month off. ( I have 2 weeks left to stock)
This week I got plenty of mac & cheese, tomato sauce,
10# of potatoes, syrup, brown sugar, carrots, and more!

I imagine I'll still have to go to CVS for milk but
I'm hoping that's it! I'm even going to try my hand in making my own bread (using this recipe Sarah found)! look out!!!
I think using my stock be a fun challenge (might not even be a challenge!)
and I'll be able to use the usual $200. grocery budget
for Christmas Gifts! It's a WIN/WIN!!!

I'll keep you updated in December how it goes!
Feel free to join in if your pantry is bursting (like mine) and
you want to free your schedule even more for more
fun Holiday baking!!

All that said...
I reserve the right to shop if a spectacular
deal week does come up!!! ((GRIN!!


Gaertegang said...

I had two great stops at Walgreens this week...I didn't post them..lazy I a great weekend!

Megan said...

I love doing a monthly eating from the pantry challenge occasionally. I usually reserve the right to spend $20 a week on fresh produce and dairy and any other incidentals. So far mine have been a success. Good luck!


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