Monday, December 7, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Okay so how many of you are DONE with your shopping???
CUZ I'M NOT!!! I really need to get it done before the snow flies
BUT I just heard that it's going to fly around here on Wed. and Thurs.
Guess I missed that one... Story of my life!!!!(grin)!

Our week looks pretty normal around here. I need to bake our
bread for the week and my son is DYING for
more cinnamon rolls so I'm hoping to fit that in!!

Here's my Meal Plan for the week...

Monday-- Pancakes and Sausage

Tuesday -- Meatballs and Cheesy Potatoes (trying a new recipe that makes a triple batch! I will freeze the other 2 meals worth and have two easy meals later!) also have a veggie and applesauce!

Wednesday -- Chicken Fingers and Steak Fries

Thursday -- Baked Potato Bar

Friday -- Leftovers or Tomato Soup (that we didn't eat last week)

Saturday -- Homemade Pizza or Book -It Pizza Hut???

Sunday -- Crock pot Hamburgers, potatoes, and carrots

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