Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meijer -- Maxwell House Coffee .79 cents plus FREE SUGAR (NO COUPONS NEEDED)!

Thanks for the pic, Brooke!

My sister walked into an unbelievable deal
at Meijer yesterday!

If you love Maxwell House coffee
then this is a deal for you!!

Maxwell House Coffee is on sale for
$1.79 for 10-12oz can
Right now if you buy 3 cans you
get a free 5# bag of Pioneer sugar (pg. 12 of online ad)

Plus there is also a catalina deal if you buy
2-3 cans you get $1. catalina back but
if you buy 4 cans you get $4. catalina back

Plus there are many MQ available
There was one on here (I don't see it now)
or in the Kraft Foods Dec. Magazine $1/1

Here's how the deal will look
with no Coupons

4 cans Coffee @1.79 ea = $7.16
1 - 5# bag Pioneer Sugar= $2.49
-$2.49 for free sugar
pay - $7.16
get $4. catalina back
$3.16 for 4 coffee's and 1 sugar
that's only .79 cents per coffee plus free sugar!!
Be sure to buy 4 coffee's to get the catalina!

Do this again and again, (Catalina's roll)!

if you have $1./2 MQ it will look like this
4 cans coffee = $7.16
sugar = $2.49
-$2.49 free sugar
-$1./2 MQ
-$4. catalina
for 4 bags coffee and sugar!!!
that's .29 cents per coffee plus
free sugar!!

Also when my sister did the 2nd transaction
she used the $4. catalina from the 1st and she
still got another catalina.
**Which means they ROLL**
Rinse and Repeat!!!
((catalina runs 12/6-1/2/10))
but the sale ends Saturday so
If they're out get a rain check because
it should work next week too.
((Make sure they write the free sugar on the rain check.))
Thanks for the great deal, Brooke!


andrea said...

That's a great deal---we love coffee around here!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome deal...Thanks..:)

Macomb Money Savers said...

What a find! Mind if I post and link back to you? :)

Karen said...

Thanks for posting this! I haven't been getting my Meijer ad every week and I would have missed this for sure.

Anonymous said...

What is "Catalina back"?

Megan said...

Macomb Money Savers -- Yes please pass it along- a link would be great!!!

Anonymous-- A catalina is a coupon that prints at the register usually after the transaction is done. In this case I think it prints after you scan the 4 coffee's .

It will say $4. off your next purchase and you will use it just like a coupon to deduct $4. off your next order!!

HTH - let me know if that doesn't make sense or if you have more questions!

Anonymous said...

I bought one of every kind of coffee they had! I am all set for coffee and sugar for a long while! Thanks!

Megan said...

So glad it worked for you!!!

Rebecca said...

This is a great deal...I'm sending my readers your way! I linked to you post! Again---AWESOME DEAL!!

Gaertegang said...

WOW!!! thanks for the deal!!! I called hubby to have him stop in and take advantage of this super deal!!!!

Mary said...

It's $2.29 for the coffee at my Meijers (Grand Rapids area). I'm glad I printed the coupons from now!


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