Monday, December 7, 2009

Meal Planning-- It Doesn't have to be Hard!

Since it's Meal Plan Monday I though I would share with you how I make my Meal Plan each week in under 10 minutes!

I have a so called "system", it's basic but I call it a "system" and it works for me!!!

Each day of the week I have an idea what type of meal we will have before I ever start!
Here's an Example of what I'm talking about....

Monday's -- I plan a breakfast meal one week and then alternate a Mexican Meal the next.
So for instance I planned Wet Burritos last week and this week pancakes and sausage. Next week will be back to maybe tacos, then the next week maybe eggs! If your family really likes Mexican you could do a different recipe and have it every Monday (or whichever day you choose) I've heard a lot of people having Taco Tuesday!

Tuesday's are always Meat and potatoes night -- I choose from chicken, meatloaf, meatballs, or many other choices. And always vary the potatoes too. Twice baked, baked, cheesy, or many others. We sometimes have Rice in the place of rice or in addition to.

Wednesday's -- This is what I call Kid Friendly or Easy! -- These are meals like Tomato Soup and grilled cheese, Chicken fingers and fries, BLT's (mostly in summer), Pigs in blankets, Hamburgers, sloppy dogs, ect. You get the picture and know what your family likes!

Thursday's are normally Pasta night --- Any pasta will do Spaghetti, lasagna, goulash, or even Alfredo! my favorite! Since we love pasta it's not a problem to have it weekly especially when there is so may variations.

Friday's we normally eat with my Husbands family so I usually take something. If we don't get together we will have leftovers or something easy.

Saturday's are Pizza night. 3 weeks I'll make Homemade and then 1 week we'll have Pizza Hut to use the kids' Book it's!

Sunday for lunch I'll make a crockpot meal. I will either have hamburgers with brown gravy carrots and potatoes, Beef Stew meat with potatoes and carrots, sometimes just homemade mac and cheese, or Chili over Baked potatoes (all of these meals I have recipes for on this site and you'll see them regularly on my meal plans!

Sunday nights are normally make yourself night -- Either Nacho Chips with meat sauce and cheese or popcorn! Sometimes even cereal!!! I know I get the mom award with that one!!

I think it's hard to sit down with a blank paper and try to make a list of 7 meals each and every week. It gets hard to come up with something new and to make sure you have a good variety. But if you have a basic starting point it becomes a ton easier to decide what you haven't had for awhile and where you need to come up with a new recipe!

Of course none of this is set in stone and there are those meals that everyone likes that don't really fit into any category at all. I vary from the normal from time to time and fit different meals in whenever I want... BUT I do love having a starting point!!

So how do you meal plan??? Do you have certain days that you always do a type of meal like me or do you use a different "system" each week to plan???

If you don't meal Plan at all... TRY IT!!! I think you'll love it!


Kimber said...

I think this is a great idea! I usually make a meal plan based off of what's on sale and/or what I have in the pantry. But I like your idea - it makes sure we have some variety!

Anonymous said...

You have given me a whole new look at menu planning - thanks!


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