Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cracker or Cookie??

At Meijer this week Teddy Grahams
are on sale for $2.00

There is a Mealbox coupon here
for $1./3 Nabisco Snack Cracker
and there are many
$1./1 or $2./2 Nabisco Snack Crackers

After using the MQ and the Mealbox
You can get each box for only .67 cents
Great Deal!!

So the question is
Are Teddy Grahams Crackers or Cookies???

My cashier at Meijer thought cookies (at first)...

The scanner wouldn't take the coupon (just
like it doesn't like many coupons for no reason)
So he said it was because they were cookies
not crackers. I didn't say anything. Then the
pizza coupon wouldn't work so he went and checked
the item. He couldn't find anything wrong, so he
pushed it through. (proof the scanner doesn't know everything)

When he was done with the (big) stack, I told him
to just take the 6 boxes of Teddy Grahams off.
(no way was I paying $2. per!!)
So he scrolled up and found them, then stopped.
He said "Is this them?"
I said "yes". He looked again it said "GRAHAM CRK"
Hmmm what could CRK stand for...

He still didn't believe it and took it over to the
customer service desk to get their opinion.
In a minute he was back and said
"Yes, we'll accept them."

I tell you this in case you're buying them this week!
They are a snack "cracker" know as graham crackers
and you should be able to use the coupons. (IMO)

~Of course as always, it's up to the store to accept it.~

Anyone else have success or
denial on this deal???


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Great deal thanks for letting us know! I think they are grouped in with other cracker snacks in our Meijer so I would have guessed cracker.

Sarah said...

Success here... no problems in the machine accepting it or anything! I even got the "Cars" kind of graham crackers...

Megan said...



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