Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Groceries- at half my goal already * uh-oh*

Stock up week!!

I might be in big trouble!?!?!?!?

This month I'm trying again to keep my
groceries for the month to around $100.
(January was $121.22 for the month)

Well this week, on day 2 of the Month, I spent...
$50.74 *Opps!!

$36.22 at Meijer for 46 items
and $14.42 at Aldi on 10 items

Ummm yea that's half!

But in my defense...
Meijer had a great sale on cheese (I got 10)
and I stocked up on produce and fruit again!

I think I'm actually set for about 2 weeks
(except for milk) so that should mean
that I could possibly still make my goal...
Only time will tell us!

I think making my goal will depend on how good the
sales are in the next few weeks. If they're not so
hot it will be easy. (just stay home!)
But if they're hot; then, well I might just go over a touch.

Monthly total so far
$36.22 Meijer
$14.52 Aldi
1.15 CVS
Total - $51.89

Stay tuned for week 2


Michelle said...

hahaha you sound like me...I do that all the time...well, I went over, but they're great deals, and I figure I'll be ahead in the long run because I won't have to pay more later! :)

Looks like you did well for $50.

Sarah said...

You can do it! Did you download that Spreadsheet that was on MSM, that you could track your grocery spendings for the year??? It is AMAZING that Aldi's, although cheap, takes your savings percentage back down. I always spend too much at Aldi's. I have been trying to avoid it! But somethings like your produce tho, I know you can't get much cheaper.

But you can make it the rest of the month! What do you have left per week? Like $17 to spend? Just make your lists, and you know how to do the rest. Spending under $17 for the next 3 weeks will prove something to you, that your budget CAN stay lower!

I know I am working myself down to that point. Doing the "pantry Challenge", but not to an extreme degree. But spreading it out more... Like I NEED to do everyday. I know we can amaze ourselves this year!

Megan said...

I did not get that downloaded, Sarah. I went to find it and it looks like the link isn't working??

Do you have it??

I am tracking my yearly spending this year!!

I do really think I can still only spend around $100. this month but we'll see! $17. per week isn't much considering $8-$10. is on milk!!

Gaertegang said...

I love the honesty...because sometimes it just makes sense to spend a little more now and save more later.....

Sarah said...

Try this link:

Megan said...

bummer I don't have excel... Thanks for the link ... Maybe someone can use it

Sarah said...

That IS a bummer... Maybe I can figure out someway of transferring it to Works... Do you have that???

GaerteGang- Right on. You don't want to miss the good stuff, BUT rising to a challenge often helps you grow. If you set the limit, you can find creative ways of doing what you never thought! I would have never thought I could feed my family of 6 for LESS THAN $70 a week. But now, I have set that goal and am going even lower.

It's awesome what you learn when you really stretch yourself!

Megan said...

Yes I have works!

Sarah, Thanks for trying to transfer but don't take too much time... My notebook and pen works good too!

Saving Addiction said...

Great Job! Cute site!


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