Sunday, April 18, 2010

The BEES are here!!!

Besides everything else going on last week,
Our Bees also came!

We've been waiting on these
little guys for months!!!

They have to be fed for about a month
before the pollen really starts to flow.
That's my hubby pouring in sugar water.

They are absolutely FASCINATING!!
I just love watching them!

It's amazing how you can stand so close and yet
they don't bother you at all.
They know their job and they stick to it!!!

Oh how it would be wonderful if, I mean
when we harvest 100's of pounds of honey!!!

I'll keep you updated!

Keep your eye on my sis in laws site here.
They're trying bees too and that's who got us into it!!
We're so thankful for their help!!


Sarah said...

They ARE so amazing! I DO hope it works out for us! I know we would be so thankful for a bounty of honey this Fall!

Love the pictures, I just got mine up today (actually FINALLY got to get on the computer!). Keep us updated...

You will also have to come over and get pics of your cow when it gets here! It;s gonna be eating GOOD when it comes, plenty of THICK green grass! :)

Genesa said...

I can't wait to see the bees! I heard they're pretty cool! Make that honey!!!


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