Monday, April 19, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Awwww the big garage sale is OVER!!!!
It was a HUGE SUCCESS, we got rid of soooo much!!!!
But, that was one of the hardest weeks I've ever had.
I just can't function well if I'm gone 5 days in a row...
Good thing I planned it to be Spring Break for our
homeschool or I'd be over the edge!!

I missed the kitchen so much that Saturday, since I was home all day,
I tried out my "new" (my sister and I traded items at the end of the sale)
waffle cone maker... THEY WERE DELICIOUS!! I'm sooo excited about
making homemade waffle cones all summer! I'll share more on it later.
I also made some yummy whole wheat banana blueberry muffins!
4 grams of fiber in each one of those babies!! I'll share the recipe tomorrow.

For now, and a much slower week for me,
here's our menu plan...

Monday -- Beef Stew with potatoes and carrots

Tuesday -- Grilled Chicken, potatoes, brown beans, green beans, and applesauce

Wednesday -- Hawaiian Brats and homemade parmesan fries

Thursday -- Spaghetti with cheesy bread sticks

Friday -- Family Dinner

Saturday -- I'm gone all day to a Beth Moore Simulcast, so we'll likely use our last Book its and get Pizza Hut! -- Anyone else going to see Beth Moore Saturday??

Sunday -- Meatballs, potatoes, and carrots

For more meal plans visit

Oh yea, I have plans to make these Giant Breakfast Cookies. Don't they look delicious?!?!?
My kids will think I'm crazy when I offer cookies for breakfast!!

Have a Great Week!!!


Gaertegang said...

I totally understand that feeling! I was feeling like I just wanted to STAY HOME...busy week...too busy....this week as well as the following week look much calmer...last wed. for Awana, soccer is now officially over on Sat.'s, so I am looking forward to just being here!!! I like being a home body most of the time!!

Megan said...

Me too, I'm a homebody and I like it!!


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