Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Groceries - Bulk food stop!

I finally made a trip to my local bulk food store!
Here's what I got for $40.27

25# whole wheat flour
big bag of cocoa
sea salt
wheat germ
wheat bran
powered sugar
bran flakes
lil smokies x6
bag of yeast
chocolate chips
flax seed (now I need a grinder!)
small pearl tapioca

Then I also went to Kroger and spent $13.75
and Meijer $19.40 for milk, produce, and misc items

All totaled this week I spent $73.42

That means for the month I'm at $220.
That's a little more than I've been spending, but it happens! And
it's actually closer to what I strive to keep my budget!!

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