Sunday, September 21, 2008

CVS 9/21

Here is what I see for the week

2 days only Sun-Mon

Loreal advanced revitalift 11.99 get 11.99 ecb....$3. MQ lmt.1 $3. money maker (MM)

All week

pepsi products 4/$11. get 3ECB

Candy on page 3 buy $15. get 7ECB---I found some Hersheys kisses MQ at Kroger a couple weeks ago. Keep your eye out for those

Dole Fruit 1.66....-.75MQ = .90

Nivea for men body wash 4.99 get 4.99ECB---$1. MQ=== $1. MM lmt. 1

Crest Prohealth rinse or toothpaste 2.99 get 2ECB= .99cents --lmt.2

Adidas deoderant 4.99 get 4ECB---$1.MQ === FREE

What am I missin????Leave a comment to let us all know!

Have a good week


Sarah said...

There is no sale on this yet, but I found coupons at Meijer on a tear pad, for $.50 off Hershey bags of candy. So keep an eye out for those tear pads... I'm sure that Holloween Candy will be going on sale at Meijer or Kroger and you could get a good double or triple out of that MQ!

Sarah said...

Oh and we have a $.75 MQ off of the Crest ProHealth Toothpaste. Makes that $.24!

That's all I see so far.

Mom of three little Princesses said...

Hey I went to get that Loreal stuff today and they were out of it already, they said they only had two on the shelf and they were both gone already. What is up with that advertising that deal and then only getting 2. Come on that is not good!

Megan said...

I was in Busco today and got one Loreal there. They only had 2 also.
CVS in Lagrange told me that their truck comes in tomorrow. Maybe there will be more???

You would think that on a free item they would order lots???

I actually had a $3. off coupon wyb toothpaste and mouthwash so it was a $1. MM. Not sure where on earth I got the Q it was heavy I didn't post it.

Also Walgreens still has the RR deal going on so it's a .75cent MM there too!!! Gotta love MM

I want some of those Hershey Q you found. Where did you see them in Meijer?? great find!


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