Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meijer--free salad!

I just read that you can use this coupon in Meijers Healthy Living magazine to get 2 bags of salad free or almost free.

The coupon is for any Dole salad blend $1./1 --- 3 varieties of salad are on sale this week b1g1. so if you use 2 coupons that should make 2 bags of salad free or very cheap.

Does anyone know the regular price of a bag of salad??


Sarah said...

Dole "Just Lettuce" was $1.99. Just got 2 yesterday, bummer.

Bill Sines said...

Hey did you see the speech on TV last night? I guess things are doing so poorly on Wall Street and that the US dollar is weakening dramatically they are going with a brand new currency. That's right, the dollar will no longer be legal tender in the US. We will be making the switch to ECBs in January 2009. RR will also be legal tender, but the exchange rate for ECB to RR will be 0.7. That's right, the RR will only be7/10 of an ECB. Program that into your grocery shopping calculator.

Bill Sines said...

Oh I forgot to say, if you want more info on the ECB as a new currency, you can check out the website below:


Mom of three little Princesses said...

Seriously Bill you will have no money if they switch to ECB. I'm not giving you any!


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