Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walmart- only 2 reasons to go...

Okay to start I'm sure many of you know that I am anti-Walmart...I dislike the store greatly. I spent many years going there to "save money" only to walk out with a bill of $180. oh that was on good trips. I just cringe at the bills of $250. Well I grazed Walmart with my presence tonight with all 4 kids for the first time in at least 2 months. I decided to use my 6 Farmland Q since they will exp. end of Oct. and our Oct. is beyond BUSY!!!

Let me say that I dislike them first because they do NOTHING for the couponer. Yes they have no real sales, they do not put out a flyer with great sale items in it, they do not double or triple coupons, they don't have any kind of store coupons, they don't have any kind of catalina machines, and they have no store promotions. I mean come on you could do something...

So I already start the experience with a bad taste!

Then what is it about Walmart that makes my kids go crazy...I mean I was just in Kroger and they were golden. Then We step into Walmart and somehow they transform into different kids I'm talkin' BAD. I'm beginning to think that Walmart plays messages in their music... Like "Kids be bad, kids be bad, now lay down in the isle, kids be bad, now it's time to hit and yell at your brother, Yea kids be bad, Now take off and run as fast as you can down the isle, yea kids be bad, now run the cart into the shelves, kids be bad, now stand on the cart and put your hands up, kids be BAD".... Now my kids didn't do all these tonight (thank goodness) but at some point or another THEY HAVE!! I do also know that this is not a Walmart problem it's our problem but it doesn't help that it only ever happens in Walmart. Am I the only one???

Anyway sorry for the RANT...My totals actually were really good. I used a whole handful of Free item coupons that I have gotten from contacting companies...btw, that really works.

Total was $6.xx

The Farmland ham packages are normally $2.98 each...I got 6 of them with $2.MQ and paid .98 cents each. And I paid a few cents for the gum but, Everything else was free!! This is the only thing Walmart is good for in my opinion... To redeem really high dollar coupons and to redeem free item coupons (even this isn't necessary - you can do it anywhere)!!

Well keep in mind that this is only my 2cents!!


Sarah said...

YES!!! BAD KIDS! I know what your sayin! I used to just hit Wal-Mart and Aldi's. They could be good for Aldi's and then at Wal-Mart it was like they could not contain themselves any longer! I can go to 5 stores now with them and they do get very tired in the end, but they never get as bad as they would on those Wal-Mart trips! I love it!!! hehehehe... Not badness, but you know. =)

Mom of three little Princesses said...

I just told Bill yesterday, that I went to Wal-mart for a few things yesterday only paid 2.xx that was awesome! But, as I was walking around wal-mart and even at the checkout, I felt so sorry for the customers, they had carts full of groceries they think they are saving money but really they are not. I also told Bill I used to spend $100-120 a week at wal-mart and have nothing now I spend 60 a week and have a pantry full of groceries. I never had a pantry before, I made the game closet a pantry. Go figure I think I am rolling back now! :)Brooke and that is my two cents!

Megan said...

yea you really do feel sorry for them with their carts full and huge grocery bills. You know they feel stuck that this is as low as they can get their bill.

maybe we should set up a table outside of Walmart and teach people...Walmart would love us then!!!

Bovee Brigade said...

Being new to some of this, what are catalinas? I've heard you mention it often, but don't know what they are. Thanks!


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