Friday, September 26, 2008

Kroger Sept. 25

Well my list for Kroger wasn't real long this week but there a few deals to get!

eggs .97cents--not bad

lunchmeat land o frost 8oz was 10/10--I didn't see this in the ad.

Activia Yogurt 2/$4. - .50MQ = .50/4pack...however they had a bunch on managers special for .99cents so with my MQ it was free!!!--always look in this section towards the end of the month...I always get tons on freebies on managers specials with MQ!!

Easy mac .79cents - $1./2= .58/2--this will come in handy on our upcoming trip

Kroger brand choose (mix) cereal, poptarts, granola bars--6/$10 get $4. off at register so 6/$6. --poptarts were the 12 count and most cereal was 14-17oz. not a bad deal

Milk in Angola store was 1.25/half gallon...includes chocolate...My kids love this treat!

Go here for a few more deals I didn't see...


GritsGirl said...

Are the products that are on Managers Special found in the spot they normally are sold in or are they somewhere else??

Megan said...

Yes I find managers specials all over the store. Sometimes bread will have a managers sticker on it for .49cents--it will be with the other bread.

The yogurt I find often is always with the other yogurt and so on.

I have even found milk and half and half with managers specials.

Now keep in mind that these are usually managers special because they are nearing their "sell" date. Which is fine with me...we all know most products are perfectly fine well after their "sell" date!!



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