Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Deal--Kroger

Hey you guys are going to love this transaction. Once again I just leave the store shaking my head in disbelief. Well I got my coupon high for the day!!

Here it is all this for.... .77 cents oh wait then I got a $3.50 catalina....guess they paid me $2.xx to take all this stuff!!

Here's the deal--I did have a little help from my cashier...he just scanned all my coupons which means that all of them tripled!! Still would have been a good deal even if only 2 had tripled...

2 toilet paper .99
10 soups @.60 each
5 boxes nature valley 2.00
total like $18.xx
$3.00 off instantly for buying 15 participating items (the bars and the soup)
had 4---.40/2 campbells soup coupons --tripled is 1.20 x 4 = 4.80
5 ---.50/1 nature valley coupons--tripled is 1.50 x 5 = 7.50
2 ---.50 cottonelle coupons---tripled is -.99 x2 = 1.98 (they only cost .99 so they don't triple)

.77 cents was my total.
Then there is also a deal going on that if you buy 5 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars get a $3.50 cat. good for your next shopping trip.

So I paid .77 cents and got $3.50 back...Did I mention I LOVE THIS GAME!!


nanaof11 said...

some day I may get as good as you are but I doubt it!!
Good job!!

Sarah said...



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