Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Meals

I thought it would be fun to post my weekly menus here so you can get an idea what we eat on a grocery budget of $50.-$55. per week! I will admit it's nothing special but I love to look at other peoples menus just to get more ideas. A lot of times I find myself in a rut and just making the same things over and over. I am also looking forward to cooler weather to make more soups and using my oven. We try to grill and keep things very simple in the summer time.

This menu is actually for next week. I find I need to make the menu when making my shopping lists for Friday (my shopping day).

Mon. -- Scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms along with sausage
Tues. -- Grilled chicken marinated in "Lawry's Caribbean Jerk" with potatoes and veggies
Wed. -- BLT'S with fruit
Thurs. -- Spaghetti with cheesy bread
Fri.-- not sure yet --may have another birthday party!
Sat.-- Homemade pizza
Sun.-- Birthday party... In the evenings we make it easy with chips, cheese, and salsa.
Or leftovers and popcorn.

These menus are never set in stone and seem to have at least one change every week.

I think for this weeks menu I already have everything I need to make the meals. That way I can use almost all of my budget to just get the sale with coupon items. This is how you can make the most of your grocery budget!

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Sarah said...

Do you want eggs? I can bring them to you! Or stop by on Friday!

I need to make menus! I have tried weekly menus and they just do not work with Deven's schedule, so I am thinking about trying to do a monthly one, where there are no set days, but you make whichever meal is next on the list of 25-28 meals per month.


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