Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kroger Sept. 18-24

Kroger this week looks pretty good...kinda like last week!

The buy 15 participating items get $3. off instantly is still going.
This Hot coupon World post has a list of the items that are part of the deal ...check for tags to make sure....I thought it was helpful. Half the items on my list were part of it and I didn't even know it.

Okay here's my list of good deals I see ( * star indicates part of the 15 items)

Cottonelle 4 pack .99-.50MQ= exp. on the 20th
*Toaster Strudel 2/$4. -.35MQ tripled = .95cents each box
Bunny Bread 1.25 - .25cent MQ tripled = .50cents
*Select Harvest Soup 1.25 - .50cents/2 = .50cents/ can
*General Mills cereal $2. -$1. cheerios Q or use $1./2 = $1.-$1.50 each
*Fruit Roll ups $2. - .50MQ/2 = 1.25/ box
Chocolate milk 2.50/gallon
*Chex mix 1.38 - .50MQ tripled = Free ---(Brooke(sister) got overage)
*Cheerios Snack Mix 1.38 -.50MQ tripled= Free
Pop tarts 12 ct. 1.98 - $1./2 = 1.50
*Chex Mix Bars 2. - .50MQ = .50/ box
*Fiber One Bars 2. -.50 MQ = .50/ box

Okay let me know what I'm missin'!!

I'm still tweeking my list for tomorrow. Wish me luck... my list is really long between Walgreens, Kroger, and Meijer. It seems like they are all pretty good this week! I think we'll have granola bars coming out of our ears!!! I'm not complainin'

Edit to add---I forgot to mention a couple of cat. deals going on...
Fruit by the 3 get $1.50, buy 4 get $2.50, buy 5 get $3.50
Nature Valley Granola 3 get $1.50, buy 4 get $2.50, buy 5 get $3.50

These should print from a machine after you transaction is done. I think there is a number that you can call if it doesn't print. Most the time the actual store knows nothing about it! Just looked it up...The number is 1-888-8coupon....when you call know what deal you were supposed to get and have receipt and items available. Since your transaction is tied to your card they have record and can verify that you bought the items! They will send you the cat. Got info from here on Hot Coupon World.

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