Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CVS 1-11

I didn't post CVS this week because I didn't see much to mention.
But "Cent"sible Sawyer didn't agree!...check out this post here to see what's at CVS this week!
I will note this deal...
Soy Joy bars 6 pack box $6. get 6ecb back= FREE
I used the $3. off any 10 Soyjoy bars. The coupon says any 10 bars so buy 2 of the 6 pack boxes for a $3. MM. limit is 10 boxes!
You should be able to buy 5 boxes (30 bars) and use 3-$3. MQ for a $9. MM Only bad thing is you get a $30 ECB back! I'll save that for the upcoming pop deal!


Bovee Brigade said...

Megan, I just did a transaction at Rite Aid suggested by Money Saving Mom on the Huggies Diapers and wipes. What a bargain even if you don't have the coupon from the paper! Plus I noticed that they had some of their Kellogg cereals bogo, so since I had 4, $1.00 off coupons for cereal, I took advantage of the deal. That brought my 4 boxes of cereal down to $5.58. Then one of the boxes of cereal had a mail in rebate for the price of the cereal which brought my total price for the cereal down to 4 boxes of cereal for $.79. Wahoo, I love those deals!!!! If anyone gets to Sturgis and has these coupons, stop by Rite Aid for a good deal.

Megan said...

Thanks Kristie, I saw that awesome diaper deal but I doubt i will get to sturgis. i think that is the only rite aid in the area...

Wow 4 boxes for .79cents
love those deals too!


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