Saturday, January 17, 2009

CVS 1-18

CVS looks pretty good this week and the $10/$50 CRT will work perfectly with the pepsi deal!
Here's what I see...
PEPSI --SPEND $20 GET $10 ebS LIMIT 1...items included are--
GATORADE 32.0Z./PROPEL/SOBE life water 20oz 4/$5
lays 10.5-11 oz. (excludes baked) 2/$6
pepsi 2 liter 4/$5pepsi
pepsi 12 pk. 4/$12 (limit 8) or 5/$10 8pks limit 10
tostitos 10-13 2/$6
CVS allergy relief $3.79 get 3.79 ecb ==FREE limit 2
Rogain 19.99 get 5 ecb - $15. MQ here = FREE (this will come in handy with the 10/50)
To see all the deals this week and the ad scans go here!
I'll be back in a little while with a couple scenarios to use the 10/50 crt! It sounds like if you scan your card at CVS everyone is getting one!
****Do you realize that even without any other coupons the pepsi ends up being $3./24pack after ecb! YAY!!

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