Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menards-More FREE stuff! 1-11

More free stuff at Menards this week.
Here's what you can get!
All purpose paint brushes--Free after $4. rebate limit 2
Select 12 oz. performance chemicals --Free after $2. rebate--limit 5
7-1/4" circular saw blade--Free after $4. rebate--limit 2
Well I sent in the rebates from last week, (It was very easy btw) but of course it will be several weeks before we see the rebates...
So I guess we will have some more $ oop to get this free stuff! Hubby is loving menards!


Danielle said...

WOW!!! More freebies LOVE IT!! SO you think the stuff from last weeks ad and this weeks ad should be free still??? I think you said the first ad was good till the Jan 18th RIGHT??? MENARDS is quickly becoming a FAVORITE Justin's list too!!

Megan said...

Yes you should be able to get both this week!

it's great something for the guys to look forward to. Shawn couldn't get his hands on the flyer quick enough on Sunday...i love it!!


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