Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kroger 1-13

Here's the deals I see this week at Kroger... My Kroger triples up to .50cents
Green Giant Veggies 10/10- .50/2MQ = .25 cents each
Kroger tortilla chips 10/$10
Cottonelle .99-.50MQ= FREE
Toaster Strudel-- $2. -.35MQ= .95 cents
10# potatoes $2.49
I don't see this in the ad but Hotcouponworld talks about a cereal deal-- Here it is, keep your eye open at the store. not sure if it's in our area or not...
Buy 3 Kelloggs cereals for 3/$8. get 2 gallons of milk FREE...
use 3-$1. MQ and get 3 boxes cereal and 2 gallon milk for $5. Edit --I did not see this deal at my Kroger...maybe you'll have better luck!
I plan on shopping tomorrow afternoon..I'll let you know how it goes!


Sarah said...

Potatoes are a great deal! I ust got my flyer in the mail, and the Kellogg's says $2.69 per box, which is CLOSE to $8. but you will have to let us know on this deal... that would be great!

Sarah said...

Plus, free powerade... $.88 this week, the $.40 MQ tripled... free! THe Select Harvest SOup also is 4/$5. and we have a $.50/2 MQ tripled, it would be $.50 per can... I have also used these soups on mashed potatoes for a dinner. A pretty good dinner for about $2.!


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