Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meijer 1-11

Meijer looks great this week. Hopefully I can get there later in the week! Have you heard the weather report?? More snow, lots of wind, and yes windchills of -20 degrees....WHOA!

Anyway here's what I see... (Meijers doubles here)

these items are 10/$10 get 11th FREE

Pillsbury grands biscuits--$1.-.35/2MQ= .65 each

Pizza Rolls --$1.-.35MQ= .30MQcents

Betty Crocker potatoes--$1. -.35MQ= .30 cents each

Green Giant box veggies --$1. -.50/2MQ= .50 cents

Betty Crocker warm delights --$1. - $1./2MQ= .50 cents each

Chex mix --$1. -.50MQ= FREE

Check the ad for more 10/10 items...

Rice Krispies 1.99- $1. MQ= .99 cents

Nature Valley granola bars $2.-$1.MQ= $1.

Texas Toast $2.- .40MQ= $1.20

Skippy PB--1.33-.40MQ= .53 cents

Soft soap $1. -.50MQ= FREE

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad 1.33- $1./2= .80 cents each

I think if I calculated right I should get 33 items with the 10/10 sale for around $14. That's about .41 cents per item! YAY!

Well that's what I see...Let me know what I missed!

Have a great snowy week


Danielle said...

I think I am heading to FW this week to hit Meijer and Menards both!!! It should be well worth my trip :) Thanks for the post it will make my list making easy!!

Bethany said...

Hi Megan it's Bethany Anspach (Reese). Remember me! I like your blog :) I check it frequently. I just thought I'd let you know that there are some Totino's pizza roll coupons online. The one's I've found would make them free but I cant remember where I got them (it's been awhile) anyway just thought I'd let you know.

Megan said...

Hey Bethany! good to hear from you! do you have a blog?

thanks for the pizza rolls heads up I hadn't even looked for online ones this week!

So are you into this whole coupon craziness too?

Sarah said...

I'm not sure that the Rice Crispies are part of the 1.99 deal. I looked at them today, and didn't see any marked. And I also got a $1. MQ for the Totino's! I also got a good deal on the Gerber Baby food, which is in the 10/10 deal... BUT the 2 pk is .94 instead of $1. so you are getting even more for your money on that deal~ plus I bought MQ's on Coupon CLippers that made them even cheaper!!!


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