Saturday, January 24, 2009

CVS 1-25

CVS has some good freebies this week!

Here's what's lookin' good to me...

*Pepsi deal buy $20. get 10 ECB limit 1....included items are
-Pepsi 12 pk 3/$10 (this works out to be about $3.33 per 24 pack after ecb!)
-Pepsi 2 liter, Sobe, Propel or Gatorade 4/$5
-Lay's 2/$4.
-Stacys orTostitos 2/$6

*Gillette Fusion razors $7.99 get 4 ecb use $4. MQ = free-- limit 1

*Gillette sham, cond, styling--$4.99 get 3 ecb use $2.MQ= FREE-- limit 5

*Dove Beauty bar--.99- $1. MQ= FREE

*CVS Tissues 2/$1. --limit 8

That's all I see worth noting! To see the ad scans and all the deals go here.. or visit

What do you see??


Danielle said...

Just wanted to remind you the Gillette is not available for ECb till Jan 30th according to the ad.
I got 3 gal. milk
Gillette shampoo
Dove Beauty Bar
1 pck of Nutra-trim gun FREE THIS MONTH
2 Huggies Jumbo diapers
I spent $2.36 oop
I got 3.99 ecb for the gum, $3 ecb for the shampoo, $5 ecb for the diapers :)

Megan said...

You did GREAT!! Yea I probably should have mentioned the Gillette in my post...


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