Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free at Menards 1-18

Wow for the 3rd week in a row, more FREE stuff at Menards.

Boot tray Free after $2. rebate--limit 2

Degreaser or Rain-x FREE after $2.50 Rebate-- limit 2 bottles

16oz curved claw hammer or 12" polysteel combination square--FREE after $2. Rebate--limit 1

Grip-it non slip shelf liner--FREE after $1.50 Rebate--limit 3 rolls

Irwin 2" Quick grip handi clamp --FREE after $3. Rebate--limit 2
Remember you have to spend $10. on items that arn't free after rebate. But you can get a $10. gift card if you don't need anything right now!! Looks like we're going back to Menards for more FREE items!
To Learn more about Menards Rebates go here


Danielle said...

Sweet you got a link on MMM!!!! Rock on girl!!

Mominin said...

I guess you're the big time now!!


Mom of three little Princesses said...

Hey did you get your first rebate check yet?

Megan said...

Not yet, but once I get it I should get one set each week to use on that weeks freebies.

I hope it's soon! I don't like this oop stuff!

Megan said...

Not yet, but once I get it I should get one set each week to use on that weeks freebies.

I hope it's soon! I don't like this oop stuff!

sjohnson73 said...

I know, probably dumb question but this is my first time shopping at Menards for a rebate. 1. I bought three of the items on one receipt, along with $10 in other merchandise. Do I submit them all at the same time, or did I need to get each of them on separate receipt? 2. And what does it mean (limit 2 or another amount). Does that mean I can get two (or said amount) of the item and submit it for rebate? Should I include them all together? Sorry to ask, but I can't find anyone else to ask. Thank you so much for posting these deals!

Megan said...

Hi there, not a dumb question at all!

1)At the bottom of your receipt you should have a rebate receipt for each item you purchased. Just match that up with the rebate card found by the checkouts or printed online. (You keep the top part of your receipt)

2) the limit is per item so if the boot tray is limit 2 you can buy 2 and your rebate receipt will show the total for 2. You only have to submit 1 rebate card for both items.

3) I send all of the weeks rebates together in one envelope. just make sure that all the rebate cards are going to the same address.

I hope this helped and didn't confuse you. Once you do it, it really is easy!

yesterday I made a post about how Menards works. You can find it on bottom of this post or on my sidebar under the heading "How to Series"

Feel free to email me or comment here if you have more questions or if I confused you further...I love questions!!!

sjohnson73 said...

Oh thank you so very much for answering the question! I totally understand now. I can't figure out how to e-mail you so I am just going to post this. Just one clarification I already bought one of the hammers. Can I go and purchase another one and put them both together with the rebate? Or do they have to be on the same reciept. Thanks again! I was so confused! By the way I just love your blog!

Megan said...

Yes you should be able to put 2 receipts with 1 rebate card-- but be careful you can only get 1 of each tool. So there is a limit of 1 hammer and 1 comb square on the ad.



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