Friday, January 23, 2009

I went to Walmart...WHAT???

As many of you know I rarely set foot in Walmart anymore. Why you might ask...Because they do NOTHING for the couponer...NO real flyer, No doubling or tripling, No promotions, No e-coupons, No Sales...NOTHING! Anyway I'll get off my soap box to explain that sometimes when you have many high dollar coupons that no one else doubles either it can be a really good thing to use those coupons at Walmart. I got all this pictured below for.....

$2.84 YES $2.84

There have been so many coupons online for Johnson's lately, I have been saving them all up. So I decided to use those. Then I looked online here to find out what else I should pick up. I was most excited to get the Suave lotion for free.

I really wanted to go to use my $2. Gillette coupons on 2 in 1 wash. Online said that they carry a 8oz. bottle for $2. Well my Walmart didn't have this so I was kinda bummed (not that we really need it but the MQ exp. Jan.31) So when I was looking at next weeks CVS flyer it looks like we will be able to use it there for FREE GILLETTE!! See how it all works out!

So keep your eye open for the Gillette if you make it to Walmart or you can just get it at CVS next week! Either way if you make it to Walmart be sure to use some of your high dollar MQ for some great FREE stuff!

You can try to print Buddies Coupons here, here, or here

Have a great Weekend!

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