Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly Grocery Trip

Another great week!!
My total this week was $46.89.
Stayed within our $55. budget!
I spent $21.71 at Meijer, saved $28.86, and got 21 items
and $25.18 at Kroger, saved $64.66 (72%), and got 40 items
total spent $46.89 for $140.41 worth of groceries 61 items
If you break that down its only about .77 cents per item!
Be sure to check out Krogers Mega Sale this week here! It's a good one!
How did you do??


Sarah said...

Awesome Job! =) I LOVE weeks like these...

Danielle said...

Is this an indication how the winter deal go??? seems like the last couple weeks have been weeks for bargins.....I just love how I am stocking up my cabinets with all these NAME brand product plus my "pantry" overflowth as well :)
GREAT JOB!!! gotta love it when you come in under budget!!!! Maybe you can rent some movies or something fun with the extra money you didn't spend!!


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