Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meijer 2-22

Meijer isn't too thrilling this week. They do have another 10/$10 sale get the 11th free, but I didn't think there were very many matchups with the items on sale.

---------My Meijer doubles up to .50cents-------

Betty Crocker Potatoes--10/$10-.25MQ= .50 cents each

Bounty paper towels--10/$10.-.25 MQ= .50 cents

Puffs tissues--10/$10.-.25MQ= .50 cents

Dole salad 10/$10-

Meijer Fresh Mushrooms--10/$10- $1./2 checkout Q= .50


Tilapia fish--2/$6.

Yoplait Multipacks--$2.-.35 MQ= $1.30

Land o Lakes--$1.25- .50MQ= .25 (I must have used this Q already)


That's it!! Let us know if you see something. To see more matchups go here to hotcouponworld.

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