Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Groceries

Another week, Another grocery trip, Another time with groceries for $55.
I love Couponing!!

Yes we love Cocoa Krispies! Especially my daughter. I haven't bought them for her for at least 6 months --no good deals---She's a happy camper now!!
I have 2 pics because my Kroger trip was split into 2 trips....
Kroger (in top pic) Spent $7.28 saved $7.98 (52%) 9 items
Meijer--Spent $15.25 saved $31.31 --22 items
Aldis $12.63--13 items
Walgreens .76 cents--saved $7.50--5 items (this is the foil x5)
Kroger (bottom pic)-$19.24--saved $20.60 (51%)--12 items
Total spent $55.16 for 61 items (.90 cents per item)
I was really happy with the chicken. Each pack has almost 2 lbs in it. I got them for about $1.20/lb after Q. That will make 3-4 grilled chicken meals for us!!! YEA!
So spill it... how'd you do this week??


sjohnson73 said...

I just have to say your pictures are amazing! I really wish we had a Kogers around me, sounds like an awesome store~ your grocery trips inspire me to try and do that~

Megan said...

Thank you, your kind words are encourging to me!

Kroger is a great store. I wish I had started shopping there YEARS ago!!

Melissa said...

ohhh - you did great!

jskell911 said...

No Kroger's around here either, but I did great at our Stop & Shop this week. You did fantastic!


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