Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Sarah at 8 muddy boots is starting up
"Things I love Thursday"!!
Click here to participate and see more Things people Love!!

I love to see how excited little boys get when they're finished with their big job!!!
My 2 year old Shad, loves to line up all his cars and then say "ta da"
He gets so excited for everyone to come see!!! How cute!!!


Danielle said...

The boys loved the photo...they said wow he has a lot of cars!!!! I love his contagious I couldn't help but smile too!! Looks great SHAD!!!

Sarah said...

He worked HARD on that! How cute! I love when they are SO PROUD, hopefully they won't loose that enthusiasum! Tell him it is a hit with the Blog World. I'm sure he will understand! =)

Genesa said...

Cute! I think he needs more cars! You can never have enough!

grandma for jesus said...

cute picture of my beautiful grandson.


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