Saturday, February 21, 2009

CVS 2-22

Not to impressive although I'm excited about the Chips Ahoy!!

Here's the few items I see...

Gillette Fusion Gamer--$7.99- $4.MQ- 4ecb= FREE--limit 1

Extreme Energy $4.99 get 4.99 ecb= FREE--limit 1

Revlon -(all face, eye, lip, nail, beauty tools) buy $20. get 10ecb--limit 2 --use $2.Revlon MQ and Revlon CRT if you have one (mine exp.)-might be able to work up a good deal if you need makeup. --I think I'll need more makeup in 2012!!!

Chips Ahoy Buy 1 get 1 free ($3.99)-- buy 2 and use 2 -- $1./1 cookie wyb gallon milk MQ=$1. each--keep in mind if you use 2 of these coupons you also need to buy 2 gallons of milk... (These MQ are found on tear pads by the milk in CVS stores)


Hmmm I guess I'm buying cookies and milk this week. No money makers so I guess I'll have to use a few ECB for my milk!!! Do you see anything else?

See the ad scans here and more deals here.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Okay so I agree...I think milk and cookies sounds like a GREAT CVS run!!!I usually get 4 milk so I think I will score 4 cookies as well!!! I have yet to find a gamer anywhere...I have seen no need for the already free energy drinks...and I don't feel like I need any make up either..unless I can work me up a good deal!!! I did score a $5 of $30 Q...we will see.


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