Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Groceries

Since their were no Sunday Papers to buy, I had an extra $5. to spend on Groceries.
A full $60. I spent $59.54 -- And I got a 107 items!!

The 2nd picture is a Kroger run I made earlier in the week to get the case tomato sauce and of course Chocolate milk!! We love that stuff!
Kroger 1st trip (2nd pic) I spent $10.68 saved $14.46 (57%)--33 items
Today - Meijer--spent $34.85 saved $81.26--47 items
Today- Kroger --spent $14.01 saved $34.21 (71%)--27 items
Total for all trips was $59.54 saved $129.93 which means all this would normally cost me $189.47 (WHOA).... total 107 items or .56 cents per item!!!!
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Have a great weekend!!


Genesa said...

Good Job! It's sad that you can't get more for your money!!!!!!

Bethany said...

You do a really great job at the store! I was wondering though, when do you buy meat and produce? That's almost all that I buy. My pantry items can be few and far between.

Megan said...

It depends on the week. This week I didn't buy any meat because I had it in the freezer from past weeks. Then another week I might buy more than needed that week.

We really only use 1 1/3 pound of hamburger and then usually 1 pack of meat (chicken, fish, or pork), then sometimes roast or chicken on Sunday in the winter. We do alot of soups and pastas in the winter. They don't take much meat at all.

In the summer we do more meat(grill) and I get it at very good prices at a local butcher. We're just not thrilled with grocery store meat so we go other routes in the winter.

As far as produce what you see is what I get! This week I got carrots, bananas, tomato, potatoes, and lettuce. I guess we eat more frozen veggies and homemade applesauce in winter!

That's why each families budget is so different. I know if I bought more fresh fruits I'd have to up the budget.

We also get a lot of fresh fruits and veggies in the summer from our wonderful neighbor, we have apple and pear trees, and this year I am hoping to have a garden.

Well I guess this turned into a long response!!! hth

Janet said...

Nicely done.

Danielle said...

Awesome trip this week!!! I just love seeing all those groceries on your table for such little $$$!!!! I know it's so crazy for some people, but like you have said "I love seeing what people are buying!!"

How about all that snow we are getting AGAIN today???

Rachel said...

Great job!


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