Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kroger 2-17

Kroger has a few deals to get this week! Keep in mind my Kroger triples MQ up to .50 cents everything else is face value...
Comfort Diapers (Kroger brand I think)--reported to be $5.99 -$3.Q here= $2.99 per pack. I don't see it in the ad but it might be an unadvertised deal MSM has a post here about it...
Cottonelle Toilet paper-- always .99cents- .50MQ= FREE
Wacky Mac--always $1.63-.50MQ= .13cents go here to see how to use this!!
Kraft cheese slices--2/$4.- .75/2= $1.60 each
Fiber One Yogurt--$2. -.50MQ(tripled)= .50 also use cellfire here and shortcut here
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel--$2. -.35 MQ= .95 use cellfire here
Knorr Pasta Sides--10/$10- .50/2 (tripled)= .25 cents each
Yoplait Yo Plus--$2.- $1.50MQ = FREE
Milk --4/$5. or might be 4/$4 again--not sure yet
Your turn --What did I miss...


Sarah said...

I just bought the comfort diapers today (last day of the week for the sale) and they were $6.99 in Angola, IN. So I got them for $3.99. I haven't used them yet to let you knpw the quality...

Megan said...

oh dear I hope they're on sale this week too.

MSM had good things to say about them. I hope they're okay. I'm anything but picky with diapers!!! besides my little guy should be using the potty, but well someday!!!!!I hope!!

Danielle said...

I bought the Comfort Diapers a couple weeks ago also got them on sale for the 6.99 then used the $3 coupon. I have done this twice and I have used them they are totally fine....I would compare them to Walgreen's diapers, which I like. Like Megan I am not picky about diapers, I figure as long as they don't leak they sreve their purpose.....I actually dislike Huggies diapers the most they are "Name brand".
Yah slow week here..mayeb I will get some more diapers, Wacky Mac and whatever else you listed for free are almost free...


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