Tuesday, May 26, 2009

30 Day Challenge ... Check in

So the 30 day challenge is now over! How did everyone do???
I must admit I did very well until Memorial Day Weekend hit! I'm blaming it on the holiday and camping! You can't hardly expect to do exercising in the camper! Although I should have after eating all that yummy food!
So I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things... I'm not sure 30 days made it a habit but it definitely was a good start! 15 minutes shouldn't be that hard to find but sometimes it just is!
I'm looking forward to a little warmer weather so we can maybe get in our pool, it's such good exercise! We finally got the cover off and plenty of chemicals in it. Within a couple days I think we could swim... that is if the weather would ever get above 72 degrees!!
Anyone else ready to do some swimming???


Genesa said...

Swimming sounds divine! If only it would get warmer!
I lost 25-30 lbs for your challenge!!! Can you believe it!!!! HeHeHe

Megan said...

Wow so glad it worked for you and so quick... you know it's not healthy to lose that quickly!!!!

Could it be partly from having a baby??!!!!

Weather doesn't look to be helping with the swimming thing. The 16 day forcast has everyday under normal temps. uggggg

Danielle said...

Swimming sounds so fun!! We might have to make a road trip here when it gets warm enough to swim!!! (Nothing like inviting ourselves, right?!!!)

I didn't offically hop on board with the whole exercise challenge...just wasn't good timing, but today I started....I am hoping being out in the garden, hauling dirt and just other daily needed things will help me tone up some...and then I am planning on starting to either walk/run in the mornings.....I don't like to start things and not finish them so I am hopeful I will stay committed! Time shall tell...

Way to go Genesa...I don't many people who drop that kind of weight after JUSt having a baby!!

Susan said...

swimming sounds like so much fun...I wish I knew how, to tell you the truth I am deathly afraid of the water...Yea, I live on the lake and like to do all that other fun stuff like fishing and boat rides ect.. too. Well for losing weight I only lost 5 of pounds UGH! probably from working so hard outside in the garden and yard sale ect. My appetite always goes down this time of year also. I will continue to do what I have been doing in hopes to lose more.


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