Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camp Food -- Homemade Icecream!

Before I tell you the recipe, know that this is NOT a cheap or frugel thing to make...
It's also not only for camping! You can make it anywhere!
First you have to have an Icecream Maker. We were fortunte enough to inherit my sister's because they never used it! (Thanks Bill and Brooke!!!)
The Basic Recipe
from here you can add other flavors..
4 cups half and half
2-4 cups whipping cream
(I have used 2 cups and 4 cups and it works both ways)
2 -14 oz. cans sweetened condensed milk
2-4 tsp. vanilla
If you want chocolate add 2 cups chocolate syrup
add milk to fill line on the maker
Put the container in the maker as your instructions say.
Add ice and icecream salt in layers.
Turn it on. Continue adding salt and ice as needed.
When the machine turns off, unplug it cuz it's DONE!!!
I say this is not cheap or frugel because it makes
4 qt. of icecream (1 gallon) and costs about
$20. for the ingred., ice, and salt
Anyone ever made homemade icecream??
What's your favorite recipe??

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Elizabeth said...

Now that looks like fun! I'm starting something new on Fridays about sharing what your family does to have fun together, and making homeade ice cream would definitely fall under that category for us!


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