Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Groceries...

Nothing exciting this week...
I felt my table was bare!
I got all this plus 5- 12 packs of Mt. Dew
(hubby's habit -- pop not shown) for
Not bad... but not great either...
I spent $27.09 at Meijer for 20 items
and $23.88 at Kroger for 23 items
Total was $50.97 for 43 items or $1.18 per item...blah
We had just had a storm the night before I went. Kroger lost power and had to clear out their entire yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream cooler. ((Guess I won't be getting any manager's specials in that department for awhile since they're starting fresh!)) They only had limited lights in the store, It felt a little weird walking in there. They were also out of several items I was planning to get at Meijer. And I had 4 kiddos with me, it just wasn't a good trip... ahh well you'll have that I guess
But anyway I ended up with about 4-5 rainchecks (that I bothered getting) and I'll get the free stuff later.
How'd your week go... better than mine????
Have a great weekend!!!!


Algebra Teacher said...

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Economique said...

That sounds like what happened around here a couple of weeks ago. There was a tornado and so much storm damage that everything was closed down. A few stores were open, but the employees had to follow shoppers around with a lantern so they could see. I didn't go that week.

I think $50 for all of those groceries is good. My husband and I used to spend $200 (sometimes even $300) every time we went grocery shopping and it's just the two of us and some pets! We really didn't care about money then. We just grabbed whatever looked good without checking the price a lot of the time. We were horrible about that. I can't imagine doing that now.

Anonymous said...

I love how you spread everything out to cover the table more! It looked like a pretty good week to me but I know you usually are under $1 per item. Other than the great Kraft printables the other week there really have not been any great deals for a few weeks - hope it picks up soon!

Megan said...

Yea I agree Steph! I hope it picks up too. I remember last year summer was really slow until school sales start... Might be a long couple of months!


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