Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camp Food -- Pudgy Pies!

I would have to say that pudgy pie makers
are one of the best camping inventions ever made!!
You can do SOOO much with them.
If you camp and don't have several of these....
Run and get some!
(Sorry this pic is poor quality)
Okay now that everyone has a pudgy pie maker!
Here are 2 DELICIOUS Things to fill them with!
This is my Daughters Favorite (She's a Choc-a-holic).
First Spray the Pudgy Maker with Cooking spray. Put a piece of bread on each side. On one piece add chocolate chips and marshmallows. (Some spread peanut butter on the bread first, this is also good). It should look something like the above pic.
Close up the maker and stick it in the coals.
It will only take a few minutes on each side depending on how hot your fire is! Just keep checking it... No one likes burnt toast!!!
It's done when it's lightly toasted!

When it's done slide it carefully onto the plate.
Do not use styrofoam unless you like melted styrofoam on your pie! Paper is the way to go. When you get it successfully onto a plate slather it with powdered sugar and whip cream or even better ICECREAM!!!
Yes I LOVE ICECREAM!! (Just ask anyone who knows me!)
Enjoy an awesome pie around the campfire!

For those of us that arn't choc-o-holics....
--Spray the makers
--Put bread on each side
-- Fill with your favorite pie filling.
The one above is with my MIL's famous
Homemade Black Raspberry filling (made from Rasp. they grow)
-- Close up the maker
-- Put in hot coals for several minutes rotating
-- Carefully put on paper plate
-- Slather with powdered sugar and whip cream, or of course ICECREAM!!
Be creative -- anything goes in these.
Think of your favorite ingredients and go for it!
You really can't mess it up
If you've had these,
what's your favorite thing(s) to put in them??


Mindy Wilson said...


Anonymous said...

We use to camp before the girls - they are bit to young to tent camp yet - but after seeing these photo's I am going to dust off our pudgy pie makers and have a backyard bon fire!

Mom of three little Princesses said...

My mouth is watering for one of those! I think we will be doing a campfire in our back yard this weekend. And I'm with Haley, that is my favorite w/peanut butter ,choc. chips and marshmallow!YUMMMMMM

Mominin said...

I love the raspberry pie filling...and lots of whip cream. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

One of our faves is pizza sauce. sausage or pepperoni...not too much cheese(it expands more than you would think). Another is Ham and cheese. Mmmmmm... Andrea

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I am going to try this when we go camping in two weeks. Looks delicious. We have made so many different things in ours, it is truly amazing all the possibilities!


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