Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awesome Garage Sales!!!

I got up early this morning and took 4 kiddos to garage sales! (yea I'm a little nutty)
It was a lot of fun minus a few mischievous kids at times!
I left the kids in the car at one point, Yea I'm a bad mom!!! Anyway you'd think that a 10, 8, and 6 yr old could keep a 3 yr. old from getting out but nooooooooo to my amazement here he comes running across the road alone (not busy housing addition road thankfully). Obviously from then on he came with me! Guess that blows the mother of the year award... Oh wait never mind I lost that Jan. 1!!!
But Best of all I got to meet a fellow blogger in person! Susan had won one of my giveaways a few months ago and when I asked for her address I noticed she lived 20 miles from my house. Sometimes it seems it's such a small world. We've been in touch since then.
She's the one who told me about the awesome sales. She emailed me the address of the sale she would be at... Well somehow when I checked this morning I had deleted the email. I was bummed, I knew there was NO WAY I would just happen to come upon her at all the sales. Well at the very last sale I went to there she was!! I couldn't believe it!
It was great to meet you in person
So on to the deals I found!

I was able to get tons of much needed boys and girls clothes!!
Total for all these clothes was $34.00 WOW! There is another 5 pair of jeans not pictured ( they were in the washer before I took the picture)!
All together for the boys I got...
11 pair of jeans -- no holes, most hardly worn, and very name brand
2 pair Khaki pants
7 pair sweat pants - nice ones!
6 shirts -- nice "church" shirts
1 set of PJ's
For my 8yr girl I got...
4 shorts
9 shirts (she really needed these)
3 pants
I wish I could have found more for her...
Where do all the families with girls live???
Anyway That's like 43 items.
And as many of you know I like to figure out...
it's .79 cents per item! WOOHOO!!
I couldn't believe how cheap they had really nice clothes priced!
I was VERY excited!
Okay I'm shutting my trap now!!!
Thanks for letting me ramble and share my excitement!
So is anyone else lovin' garage sales??


mom2boys said...

That was a great deal...good for you! : )

carrie said...

what size is your girl wearing?

Megan said...

she is in an 8 or so. Everything I saw was either a 6-7 or a 7-8. I bought some of the 7-8 but that is barely fitting her it's too short. I think the next size is 8-10 for shirts???

pants she is in of size 8. She can fit 7 but they're getting too short!

thanks for asking! Do you have girls?


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