Monday, May 18, 2009

Stretching your Strawberries!

Here's a simple way to stretch your strawberries for
Strawberry Shortcake or whatever.
Some of you might think I'm nuts but it works!
background -- My husband always told me that when he had strawberries at his Grandma's house she always had so much juice in her strawberries. The juice is the part he loves to put on his shortcake, he really doesn't care for the actual strawberry.
Anyway it got me thinking... Did she really have that juicy of strawberries??? Maybe, but I hardly get any juice from smashing them so I find it hard to believe that hers were that much more juicy. So I decided to try something else. Maybe she added water and then sweetened them with more sugar???
So I tried it... And it worked!! My hubby loved it, He said it was just like hers!!
Mystery solved! I believe that she stretched her strawberries by adding water and then more sugar to feed the whole extended family!
I could be wrong but for now it works for us!!!
So I simply took my strawberries, maybe a pint or so. Smashed them up in a bowl. I find using my hands and smashing each one works the best. Then I put them under the faucet and added cold water. I can't say exactly how much water I add but I'd say at least a quart maybe more. Then just add sugar as you would normally do until they are sweetened to your liking! Let them sit in the fridge for awhile, stir and you'll never know you added water!
Seriously, does anyone else do this???
My MIL thought I was crazy when I had her add water
to the strawberries this past weekend...
But it worked!!!


pam said...

Never heard of this! But worth a try.

MamabearMills said...

So crazy that you write this! I am making strawberry shortcake today! and i do the SAME THING!

carrie said...

i do this and it does hubby and kids never know the difference. and we love this juice (if there happen to be leftovers) with sliced bananas in it.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I learned this trick my Nana long ago. I love it too! Must be something from that generation.

Danielle said...

Never heard of it before and never really thought of it much before...but juice is definately one of the favorite things we like around here! SO thanks for the tip I will be sure to try it!!

Staci said...

No I never have done this or heard of it. Interesting.

Hi my name is Staci. I have been checking your blog out for a bit. I just gave you a blog award. A passionate blogger award over on my blog. www.designingandmotherhood(at)blogspot(dot)com I think we have a lot in common. Keep posting! Take care, Staci

.j.e.n.p.c. said...

That's how I was taught to make the strawberries for shortcake. I never knew another way lol! I'm opposite of u


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