Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

Total this week $58.90
I had to spend over $10. for Homemade Icecream ingredients, $4. for paper plates (yes I should have been better stocked), and $3.50 for S'mores ingredients. I was very happy that my total was only a little over my $55. budget!
I still need to spend around $5. for cold meat and cheese.
BUT for having a birthday party and camping all weekend, I think only being $10. over was pretty good. It's so nice to have stocked pantries to pull snacks and food from for vacations!
The Receipt Run Down...
At Meijer I spent -- $35.90 for 35 items
At Kroger I spent -- 23.00 for 33 items saved 57%
Spent $58.90 for 68 items -- .87 cents per item
Saved $79.38
Oh yea I almost forgot I got a $3. catalina back for the kraft BBQ deal!
Did you have a good week???

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