Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

We love Camping!!!
And we're going... See you Monday!!!

We love the hiking, the biking, the campfires, the talks, the time doing nothing, the stories around the campfire, the games, and of course the food. There's so much we love about camping... well actually there's not much we don't like!!
In fact tomorrow afternoon we're going camping!
I'll be back on Monday... I have most of my regular posts scheduled but I won't have any internet (I know deep breath) to make sure everything goes smoothly or to respond to your wonderful comments!
So I hope you enjoy your long Memorial Day Weekend. I know we will! I'll be sure to take some fun pictures and share them with you soon!
Let me know if you're a camping family too!!!
Next week I'll post "What we ate Camping"... Yum!!!


Sarah @ 8Muddyboots is having internet trouble.. So I'm sure she'll be back next week for Things I Love Thursday... For now go sign up for her truck giveaway!


Shelly said...

Have a great camping trip! My idea of camping is having a hotel room with a fire pit. lol. I have to have a clean bathroom, air conditioning, and a bug free zone.

Mominin said...

Well, you know that we tolerate camping!! If it weren't for our crazy family, we probably wouldn't camp at all. But, the kids do love it. I love hiking and being out in nature...but I like a real bathroom!!!

Susan said...

I hope you have a great camping trip! Camping is so much fun!It was so nice to finally meet you at the garage sale. Have fun and stay safe this weekend!

Megan said...

Have a great trip!


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