Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kroger 7-21

Kroger Continues its Mega Sale but it looks
to me like they took all the good stuff out...
Here are the few things I see.
These items are included in the Mega Sale buy 10 items
and get $5. taken off instantly at register. The first
.50 cents I take off is for the mega Sale. Remember
you must buy in sets of 10 to get these prices. limit ? rewards
per transaction.

Kraft Dressing -- $1.99- .50 = $1.49 -$1.MQ= .49
Smart Balance Butter -- $1.99 -.50 =$1.49 -$1./2MQ= .99
Dole Fruit -- $1.99 -.50 = $1.49 -$1./2= .99
Sunny Delight -- $1.29 -.50 =.79 -.55 MQ= .25
Quaker Quakes -- .99 -.50 = .49
Tombstone Pizzas -- $2.99-.50 =$2.49
Not included in Mega Sale
Kroger Cheese $1.66
That's really all I see.
Do you see anything else???


Sarah said...

Our Kroger affiliate still has some good stuff in this sale, but I wonder if there is a lot more in the store like there was here with the last ad. There was about 200 items included in our store I swear so I got some sweet deals! Hope the same is true for your store!

Megan said...

That's true! I wish they'd put it in the ad. With 2-4 kids in tow I tend to stick to exactly what's on my list and that's just what's in the ad.

Thanks for the reminder!


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