Monday, July 20, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

This week is going to be interesting!
I'm dropping my two oldest (8 & 10)
off at Church Camp today (first time for both of them)....
I'll pick them up Friday evening.
Are they going to make it???....
or should I ask am I going to make it?????
We're also going camping on Thursday so I
think I'll be more than busy here at home.
So Anyway here's our plan for the week...
Monday -- Grilled Chicken, potatoes, veggies
Tuesday -- Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday -- Baked Potato Bar with all the fixins'
Thursday -- Camping - Hot Dogs over the fire
Friday -- Camper Pizzas on the fire
Saturday -- Extended Family Meal Carry in
Sunday -- still camping -- Leftovers
If you think about it say a prayer
for my kiddos at camp and for their mama!!!

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Danielle said...

Have fun at camp Chi & Haylee!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to a state park for camping? What places do you recommend.

Northern Indiana Kris

Megan said...

This time I'm actually going to a private family campground.

But I totally recommend State parks. You don't have water or sewer but that's doable for us with water nearby!

I also love Eby Pines on SR 120 they have a cool trail that goes to Bonnyville County Park, pools, river, ect!! Here's a link

We also of course like the Jellystone in Fremont but it's a little more expensive.

We've wanted to try out Indian Lakes Campground near Wolcottville in the Fall. It has an indoor pool! link

There are sooo many great campgrounds around here! Let me know if you have more questions! Have fun camping!!


Becca said...

I love baked potato bars but I have never done one at home. What toppings do you do?

Megan said...

In the winter it always includes chili but In the Summer We just do

bacon bits
sour cream
I also like brocoli on mine with cheese!

Put a salad with it DELICIOUS!!! Can you tell I'm hungry!!

We keep it fairly simple! But we love them!


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