Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Groceries

I only went to Kroger this week.
I was in a different town and they didn't have a Meijer.
Since Meijer didn't look so hot I decided not to make an extra trip!
I got 50 items for $40.00 Even!! Saving 65%
That's .80 cents each!
I did the Mega Sale the max 3 times!
I stocked up on 6 bags of shredded cheese. I also stocked up on granola bars, chex mix, fruit bowls, and cookies for camping!
I spent $3.xx earlier in the week at CVS for milk and other goodies!
I'll spend the remainder of my $55. budget for meat at my local butcher!
Have a great Weekend!
I know I will since we're CAMPING!!!!
Oh and I get to pick up my 2 kiddos tonight from camp!


dddiva said...

Holy cow you did great- I am so impressed with your score. I am adding your site to my faves so I can come back, I really need to find out how you do this, especially since I have some friends in really bad shape we're trying to help right now and I would love to maximize the little we can help.

Anonymous said...

very impressive..

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Elizabeth said...

All that for 80 cents each?! Awesome!

AudreyO said...

Wow, great job. We shop at Ralphs which is owned by Kroegers. They are the only place I'll buy lunch meat.

Michelle said...

looks like another great week in shopping...I didn't do bakers this week (Kroger) but I cashed in on the mega sale last week!


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