Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finding Fun!!!

I love how my kids find fun!!
My boys kept telling me that they were going to play with the cars they built. Finally I went to take a look then I ran for my camera!!!
Here's what I found...
Is that cool or is it
just me being impressed since it's my boy!?!?!

The story I got is that Micah my almost 7 yr. old made this car first from junk sitting around their Grandpa's shed. And then wouldn't let my older son play with it so he made this....

His own car!
Now they love their "Pine Tree Club" even more!!!!
What kids can do with junk amazes me... I love it!!!!
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Genesa said...


Shelly said...

It surprises me sometimes what boys will come up with to occupy their time. Very cool!

The Allen Family said...

Definitely impressive! How fun.


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